Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Occupy Cincinnati Event Tonight that All Christians Need to be Aware of

I do have to say that what we see on the news of the "Occupy" movement seems like a lot of street theatre to make a point.  It is usually the troublemakers that seem to get on the national news (and that would include protesters who break the law or law officers who over-extend their ability to apply force).  But I do like our Cincinnati Occupy Movement.  They are targeting specific, local issues that are targeting the homeless and low-income people and standing in support of those less fortunate.

     I would love to join them tonight for the "Occupy the Nativity" event.  I know.  When I read that title at first I thought that this did not sound good!  I thought they were gong after a church and making a mess of their celebration of the birth of Christ.  But thankfully it is not that at all.  Instead they are identifying themselves with Jesus by dressing up in nativity costumes to stand in protest to a major corporation that is trying to seize a property that is used for homeless and battered women so that they can demolish it and turn it into high end condos.  Shame on Western and Southern for their greedy use of the courts to try and get what they want.  It reminds me of 1 Kings 21 when Jezebel stole the property of Namoth for her husband, King Ahab.  Instead of respecting the wishes of the property owner, they found a way to just take what they wanted with no regard to Namoth.  It was Elijah that called them to account and let them know that their evil deeds did not escape the eyes of God and that they would be held accountable. 

I wish I could join this group tonight but it is more important for me to celebrate my 20th anniversary with my wife!  Maybe I can join the group for a future event.  But I did want to make others aware of what was going on tonight so that if you wanted to lend yourself to the fight against greed and show your support to the poor of Cincinnati that need this place to help them begin a new life, then by all means join the protest!  Details below:

Occupy the helping homeless (as Jesus did and as Western Southern does not) Peace to All.)

When: Wed, December 21, 7:30pm – 8:00pm

Where: Western and Southern's live Nativity at Krohn Conservatory Eden Park-Krohn Conservatory 1501 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati, OH

DETAILS: Jesus was born homeless to poor parents, and he devoted his life to the cause of justice. 

WHAT: Wearing period garb at Western and Southern's live Nativity at Krohn Conservatory, distributing creative holiday literature This Nativity scene, commemorating Jesus' life, has been brought to us by Western and Southern, a major corporation that has tried to displace the Anna Louise Inn, a charitable group that provides support to abused women in the spirit of Christ. Western and Southern, a powerful corporation, has been allowed to occupy this park 24/7 with barnyard animals; however, Occupy Cincinnati has been told that political speech is not allowed to be granted a space in the parks. This has been told to us by Parks Director Willie Carden, who is paid not only by the City of Cincinnati, but also by the Parks Foundation -- a private corporation that receives gifts from Western and Southern. Come join Occupy Cincinnati, our coalition of Faith advocates, and our merry band of carolers as we stand in solidarity with the homeless women and children of The Anna Louise Inn, and all the Magdeline's of the world.

 Proverbs 22:22-23 “Do not exploit the poor because they are poor and do not crush the needy in court, for the LORD will take up their case and will plunder those who plunder them.”
 Eden Park-Krohn Conservatory 1501 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati, OH


Jeremy said...

great! I hope this informed some people and maybe even gotten them to the event. I wish i could have attended- i had to work- but I am in full support with occupy cincinnati, especially as a christian. The true virtues jesus preached are well represented in our movement and I am very proud of that fact. I hope during christmas we can get the word around to garner support from ministries all over the city, hopefully in national movements also. We need to come together for social justice in our neighborhoods and city!

monica ling said...

I am so grateful for the hero's of are the last best hope of freedom and democracy.

Anonymous said...

supporting the nativity action thank you.However we the 99% want all to know that we are blowing the whistle on western-southern.your tricks will not be taking lightly. thanks for sponsering the nativity scene@eden park,but your profitting at the expense of the poor charging admissions and wanting to displace the women @ the anna louise inn Shame on you western-southern.