Monday, December 12, 2011

2011′s Worst New Christmas Song

I do have to admit that every time we get close to the Christmas season I cringe when anyone remotely suggests that there is a "war" on Christmas.  Of course these same people have no problem going on the offensive against Halloween.  I spent two years of my college life down in the Bible Belt at Liberty University and in that time I was just shocked at how worked up people got over Halloween. But that is another story. When well-meaning Christians want to take this defensive position that the consumer culture is declaring war on their sacred holiday, then make cheesy videos like this, the only thing it accomplishes is that it makes all of us who claim to be Christ-followers look ridiculous.

The month of December is meaningful to Christians because of their belief in Jesus.  But it is also meaningful to Jews as they celebrate Hanukkah.  And, all of us, regardless of religious background, celebrate the New Year.  So I get that saying "Happy Holidays" or "Season's Greetings" makes sense in a setting that serves a diverse amount of people from various cultural and religious backgrounds.

Besides, Jesus gave us the Great Commission.  The task to spread God's love to others.  When we take this defensive position against the secular culture demanding that they say "Merry Christmas" we just look like a bunch of condescending, judgmental people.  Who cares about the actual person behind the counter, making a lot less money than most shoppers, working crazy hours throughout the weeks leading up to Christmas.  Besides, when you watch this video the hypocrisy of what the song says Christmas is all about contrasted with the images of consumerism, materialism and greed is really quite shocking.  You can also click HERE for a good critique of this video.  Every day of a Christian's life ought to be filled with the significance of Jesus's birth, death and resurrection.  If we live that out correctly, we will attract more people to the true message of Christ.  If we judge complete strangers because they didn't say "Merry Christmas" then we just act like the Pharisees.  So to my Christian family I say with deep meaning and passion, "Merry Christmas".  To all my other friends, "Happy Holidays".  Let us approach all people with humility, love and grace.

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