Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jesus Creed » Newt Gingrich and the Palestinians

Scot McKnight does an excellent critique on Newt Gingrich's poor word choice of calling the Palestinians an "invented people" HERE. Truth is, if there ever were an "invented people" it would be Americans. Many of our ancestors forcefully took this land from the natives and claim it as their own. The choice of words that Newt used are very troubling especially if he becomes the next President. A position as dogmatic as his could lead to disastrous consequences. We should continue to be a strong ally to Israel but we should also strive for peace in that entire region which would include moving toward statehood for Palestine and building bridges to those areas that have overthrown their dictators. We really do have a huge opportunity for good in that area if we move cautiously, compassionately and generously. We stand on the crossroads of what could be the most amazing time in history when we build bridges with countries that have historically been our enemies lead by dictators, or we say and do things that could quite honestly lead to another historic, deadly war that will only polarize the West from the Middle East.

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