Thursday, September 11, 2008

Legendary Coaches: Pat Summit and Lute Olsen

Theme: Legendary Coaches - Pat Summit and Lute Olsen

Large Group Lesson

I. Understanding Discipline

A. Pat Summit

1. Basic Facts and Accomplishments from Wikipedia

2. Show DVD Special Feature from “We Are Marshall” starting at 12:51 and ending at 18:05

3. Coach Summit: taught that hard work is the goal to success

B. 1 Corinthians 9:24-27

1. Paul see running a race as an analogy for spiritual discipline

2. Only one wins 1st place in a race.

3. As strict physical discipline prepares us to achieve athletic goals so must spiritual disciplines help us to grow in our relationship to God and others

II. Understanding the Fundamentals

A. Lute Olsen

1. Basic Facts and Accomplishments from Wikipedia

2. Show DVD Special Feature from “We Are Marshall” starting at 18:06 and ending at 24:12

3. Coach Olsen: taught that there are no quick fixes if you want to be good at something. You must learn the fundamentals.

B. 1 Timothy 4:11-16

1. Paul encouraged Timothy to master the fundamentals.

2. Paul understood the importance of education AND application, both are required to master the fundamentals.

III. Conclusion: How will this apply to your small group?

1. How will you discipline yourself to grow in your faith? How can others help you stay motivated and focused?

2. Can you clarify the fundamentals of your faith? What are some “spiritual exercises that can help you become spiritually strong? What are you willing to do this year that will sharpen you?

Theme: Legendary Coaches - Pat Summit and Lute Olsen

Small Group Discussion

Questions that can be used for discussion:

What specifically impacted you about Pat Summit?

Why does the fear of failure have a way of keeping us from even trying sometimes?

Why is hard work so hard?

Why does our culture seem to champion instant gratification over hard work?

Which is hard work and which is instant gratification?

- having sex now with anyone who is willing or saving myself for the right person I want to spend the rest of my life with?

- eating to stay healthy or eating fast food?

- cheating on a test or studying to do well on a test?

- steroids to improve athleticism or training in the gym day after day?

- serving others or serving myself?

- trying to think the best of others or gossiping?

- bullying those I know I can push over or standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves?

- doing honest work for a fair wage or spending my money gambling or on the lottery?

- the abuse of substances in order to feel good or finding satisfaction through overcoming difficulties in your life?

Instant gratification is ultimately a LIE. Real lasting gratification comes from knowing you did the RIGHT thing and you did it to the best of your abilities.

What specifically impacted you about Lute Olsen?

What are the fundamentals that a basketball player must master?
A baseball player?
A runner?
A volleyball player?
A football player?

What are some spiritual disciplines that are fundamental to spiritual growth? What do YOU want to commit to as a small group for this year?

Spend time in prayer as a small group on these topics:

1. Prayer of Confession: If we are all honest with ourselves, we are all guilty of giving into the lie of “instant gratification” at some level. Confess it before God and your small group so that they can support you and encourage you to take the high road of discipline (hard work) to become a better person.

2. Prayer of Dedication: Determine what you want to commit to doing this year in your spiritual education and the application of it. Dedicate yourself to God and begin your “spiritual training”!

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