Monday, September 01, 2008

Man asks people to pray for rain during Obama's DNC speech

I find it very ironic, almost humorous that this Conservative, evangelical group has the audacity to make a commercial like this against their opposition in light of the present day results. Obama had amazing weather for his equally amazing final day at the DNC. The RNC is crippled because of a category 3 hurricane. Now if I follow Dobson's logic that God will speak through the weather, well then these evangelicals need to do some serious soul searching because God don't seem to be on their side if, and only if, I am to follow their very own misguided, and illogical logic. I hope to hear out the Republicans this week and watch the debates coming up so I can make a prayerful and well-thought out vote come this November. But once again, if I am supposed to follow the logic of the apparent leader of the American evangelicals, well they put out their fleece and God showed up and answered, but not the way they expected. Speaking of whom, thank God that this was not a hurricane with the destructive force of Katrina.

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