Monday, September 01, 2008

I am Done with The Bengals

Well, about just over three years ago when I moved down to Cincinnati I was excited just to be back in Ohio. Originally I was from North East Ohio which would make me a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan for life. As the saying goes, you can take a person out of Cleveland but you can't take Cleveland out of the person. As I acclimated myself to my new surroundings I thought that since the Bengals were an Ohio team I could make some room in my heart for them along with the Browns and the Buckeyes.
Now last year didn't look so good, as I had to endure watching Chad Johnson act like an idiot. I tried to tolerate it because I know people directly connected to the Bengals organization and they told me Chad is not a Dennis Rodman type but a fun, lovable type that just hams it up for fun. So, okay Chad be goofy even though it only brings attention to yourself and it disrupts team unity and focus. Then just as I was about to ease into another year of Ohio football, Chad has to go and make a complete fool of himself comparing himself to Micheal Phelps as a better swimmer?!?!? Chad, you need to concentrate on your sport because if I remember, you did not have a good year last year. I would put money on Phelps as having a much better career at FOOTBALL in comparison to you!

And then if that wasn't enough, the Bengals organization decides to hire back Chris Henry? This guy is bad news and does not deserve to play in the NFL for anybody. How do you possibly run a team with personalities and criminals like this??? Would any of the great coaches ever tolerate players like this? The Bengals organization has a major disconnect with what makes for a great player besides just physical talent. It takes cooperation, team work, character, etc. Just go to John Wooden's website and look at the pyramid of success. He understood what it took to make championship teams!

Then if that weren't enough Carson Palmer talks smack about The Ohio State Buckeyes?!?! This was almost as bad as Le Bron James showing up to an Indians play-off game wearing a Yankees hat. Love Le Bron, but when you are taking a paycheck from Ohio, keep you loyalty close to home! Don't be broadcasting your loyalties to the opposition on national television or talking trash about the most popular college team in the state!!!!! With all this said I think the Ohio State Buckeyes could even destroy the Bengals on their own turf right now. So keep it up Carson, shot your mouth off about the college team up North. Maybe if you played like them Cincinnati would get a team that they could actually cheer for!

I hear by denounce any loyalty I had for the Cincinnati Bengals. I give my loyalty completely and entirely to the Browns, and as any Browns fan knows, I will also cheer for the Bengals when, and only when, they play against Pittsburgh!

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bengals rock my world