Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Culture War over the Black Man

Jesse Jackson has revealed a little bit of who he really is when he thinks the mics and the cameras are off. Unfortunately, it is something which should disqualify him from having the title of reverend. But what is interesting about this comment and whom he is referring to is that it reveals what I believe to be the culture war over the black man. On one side, you have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who seem to want the government to give out as many hand-outs as possible with little to no responsibility thus creating a culture of government dependence and irresponsibility within the culture that is directed at African-American males. On the other hand you have the voices of Bill Cosby and Barak Obama calling out for black men to take responsibility for their choices and to become husbands, fathers and community members that stand for character and integrity. It is amazing to see the backlash of those who are appalled that guys like Bill Cosby and Barak Obama would dare to say things like integrity and character about black men. In fact, a rational discussion goes right out the window and Cosby is castigated as an angry old man and Barak is threatened with castration. This is simply unbelievable. I don't get why people like Jackson are even a voice for the African-American community. How is it that he is even taken seriously? I just don't get it when you have such amazing people like Oprah Winfrey, Colin Powell, Condolezza Rice, and many, many others. But there seems to be two competing philosophies that are fighting for the attention of the African-American community in America. The Jacksonian philosophy is the one that has been around the longest but it is the Cosbian / Obamian philosophy that is emerging and challenging the status quo. In fact, Cosby and Obama are not just the spokesmen for this new philosophy, but they are also living examples of what they are preaching: black men who did not settle for the status quo of irresponsibility and government dependency but rose above all of that and emerged as men who have worked hard, demonstrating not only an amazing work ethic, but also, integrity and morality to become who they are. Apparently Jesse hasn't been preaching much of anything at all these days or else his tongue would have snapped off for saying something against his fellow man that so viciously goes against the law of love from the Bible. Shame on you Jesse. This type of vile and disgusting language is in line with another self-proclaimed pastor: Fred Phelps. It is time we take you about as seriously as we do with Fred and his language of hate. I would much rather be inspired by the challenges that Cosby and Barak level at the men in the African-American community because I also know that it is a message that realistically all men need to hear from their leaders over and over again. Work hard, love your family, love your community and love your God!

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Hey bub! Scot Hoover here. Like your blog. Like your politics even better.
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