Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stephen King NAILS IT

This is a great quote from Stephen King analyzing what passes as cinema in today's popular culture.  He nailed it in his observation in my opinion. I love this guy.

QUOTE: "What happened to serious American movies? I ask because the best ones, such as The Hurt Locker, no longer get anything resembling a wide release, while Michael Bay's idiotic Transformers 2 movie opened on over 4,200 screens. ... And consider this: Locker cost about $11 million to make. It's a work of genius. Revenge of the Fallen had a budget almost 20 times that, and it's a work of crap. The public decides, you say? Fine, I have no problem with that, but when did you last see a movie that engaged your mind a week or a month later? Doubt was nearly a year ago. Ditto The Wrestler and The Reader. Having scanned production schedules, I can tell you there's nothing like these on the horizon ... but you can bet your ticket stub there'll be further adventures for the Transformers and the G.I. Joes." —Stephen King, in his regular Entertainment Weekly column on the state of pop culture [Entertainment Weekly, 9/18/09]

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