Friday, September 11, 2009

Jesus Is My Friend by Sonseed

This shows why many of us who grew up in conservative churches in the 70's and 80's suffered greatly when we were not allowed to listen to "secular music"! "Torture" is the word that comes to mind! Enjoy! Very funny esp. that they take themselves seriously! Never heard of Sonseed but i could name 100 other bands like them! Ummmmmm Carmen, Leon Patillo, Gaither Vocal Band, Dallas Holmes, Evie, every single praise band at Liberty (late 80's early 90's), a multitude of cheezy stuff marketed to children's ministries (music and movies except VeggieTales. I actually took my one son to see Bible Man. Pure torture.). Thank God Christian music has improved greatly. Oh and there is still a ton of great music out there by those who may not be Christians too! Okay I have to admit, this song is growing on me now that i have heard it a couple of times and I want to make this our new theme song for youth group this year! Thoughts?

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