Monday, September 14, 2009

Idiocracy 2

AND IT'S ANOTHER IN THE SERIES of blogs that comments on areas of our great American culture that, just like the main point in the movie of the same name, shows that we are actually beginning to digress in the process of evolution and becoming more and more, shall I say, less cerebral!

     My rant for today: Really, who does Kanye West think he is acting that way at the VMA's?  And where does Serina Williams come off acting like that at the U.S. Open? 

Let's begin with Kanye West.  I have personally decided to never give him any thought as a musician just because he comes across as an arrogant, pompous human being with an unbelievably massively over-inflated ego that certainly does not match his talent.  And I do not pay much attention to awards shows because in our culture of narcissism our entertainers (or media I should say) LOVE to have sooooooo many awards shows where their egos are stroked and their importance is greatly exaggerated.  It used to be the Emmy's, Tony's, Oscar's, and Grammy's.  But now we have so many award ceremonies that it has gotten ludicrous. 

     If that isn't bad enough, now we have entertainers publicly disputing the results of their very own "theatre of narcissism" by dissing the one who is trying to accept an award and making a case for the competition!  Kanye West has proved how insane he is that he thinks his opinion is so important that he can publicly disrupt the VMA's to voice his disagreement about the winner of the award!  How crazy is this guy?  Why would anyone give this insignificant man their time or attention as an entertainer??  I don't get it.  People like him should not be given a platform to express their idiotic ideas.  Who buys his CD's? Who is he that he thinks of himself like this?  I mean, I have no problem with disagreeing with the award ceremony.  I remember practically going through the roof when Whoppie Goldberg won a Oscar for "Ghost" when she was up against Mary McDonnell in "Dances With Wolves".  Don't get me wrong about Whoopie.  I thought she did great as an actor in "The Color Purple", but in "Ghost" there was no real stretch for her as an actor in the character she played.  So fine, Kanye disagrees strongly.  Talk about it at the nightclub.  But to grab the microphone from Taylor Swift and argue his point?!?!?! I hope he is held accountable for such a ridiculous thing to do to another entertainer.  And Beyonce sure did not seem to appreciate his accolades.  Thank God she was at least willing to display some class, integrity, and humility at the VMA's when she brought Taylor Swift back up to finish her speech.

And now, Serina WIlliams.  What was that all about?!?!?! She didn't like the judges call.  Fine. She is human and human judgement in matters of sporting events can be wrong.  But when we have the technology in place to make sure there is no place for human error in the event that the call could be disputed, well then, suck it up, re-focus and get back to the game.  But to verbally assault the judge and have a "racket rage" moment in front of the whole world?!?  As if arguing with scientific fact will maybe change the results in your favor?  And then to make matters even worse you can't even apologize?!?!?! Get over yourself.  You made a mistake, admit it, make things right, and move on.  But to act like a big baby on a court in your own country . . . well, classless, ridiculous, and way over the top.  This is not the behavior of a focused, determined and poised athlete. 

     Let's hope that these are just fluke incidents and that there are many entertainers and athletes who appreciate their craft and their God-given talents that have been given to them.  And regardless of whether they have a garage full of awards or not, they can use their talent with integrity and class. Taylor Swift and Beyonce come to mind. 

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