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God's Story: The Calling

Here is Part 3 of God's Story in a reader's theatre style skit.  

God’s Story: The Calling

1: God’s Story began with Adam and Eve

2: Sin entered into the world

3: Humanity’s relationship with God was forever changed as sin corrupted every aspect of his creation.

4: But God did not give up.

5: He began with a simple call.

3: One man, with his wife.  No reason that he should win God’s favor.

2: But God called him.

4: God said to Abram:

1: Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you. I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.

5: This is the covenant that God made with Abram, of whom God changed his name to  Abraham.

2: Abraham did not understand everything.

4: God did not even reveal to him where exactly he was going to go.

3: God just said,

All: “Go”.

5: Abraham went

4: He followed

3: He stepped out in faith and obeyed.

2: It wasn’t perfect

1: He made mistakes along the way.

3: But his faith and willingness to follow God forever changed his life.

4: From Abraham and his wife Sarah, God gave them a child.

2: This child was named Isaac which means laughter.

5: From a barren womb that caused years of grief came a child that brought joy to his parents.

1: Isaac grew up and married Rebekah.

3: From this marriage came the birth of twins: Jacob and Esau.

5: Two brothers who would fight each other. 

2: Esau was the first born. His father’s favorite. An outdoorsman and a hunter.

4: Jacob was his mother’s favorite. Always looking for an opportunity to get ahead.

5: He robbed his brother of his birthright and fled for his life.

1: Then Jacob met a woman he fell in love with.

2: He worked for her father for 7 years to earn her hand in marriage.

3: Instead Jacob was tricked into marrying her older sister Leah.

4: Another 7 years later, he married Rachel.

5: From these two women came 12 sons, the youngest of whom was called Joseph.

1: Joseph was the favorite of his father Jacob. 

3: Jacob loved him so much that he spared no expense to get his a magnificent coat that had many colors.

4: Was it an amazing techno-color dream coat?

2: In fact, Joseph’s love was so apparent that it stirred up hatred against Joseph from his older brothers. 

5: Joseph had dreams.

1: Very unusual dreams.

2: Dreams that he would share to his family.

3: A dream of the sun, moon and 11 stars all bowing down to him. 

4: A dream that cause his family to resent him.

5: His brothers to hate him all the more.

1: This little punk thinks that his whole family will bow down to him someday.

4: One day Joseph was sent to check on his brothers.

2: His brothers wanted him dead.

3: They saw the opportunity, attacked him and sold him to slave traders, thinking they would never see him again.

1: Joseph was taken to Egypt and sold as a slave to Potiphar, who was the captain of the guard to the Pharaoh.

2: God was with Joseph and He made him prosper. 

3: Potiphar put Joseph in charge of all he had, entrusting him to manage all he owned.

4: Potipher’s wife was attracted to Joseph.

5: She tried to seduce him several times.

1: Joseph resisted her advances knowing that this would harm his relationship to Potiphar and ultimately be a sin against God.

3: Potipher’s wife was scorned.  She accused Joseph of rape anyhow.

5: He was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit.

2: He spent 2 years in jail.

4: He could have become angry against God.

1: He could have turned his back against his faith.

5: He could have shut his ears off to God’s calling in his life.

2: Instead he found favor with the guards.

4: He helped other prisoners understand their dreams.

3: He waited, and waited, not knowing how much of his life would be spent in a dungeon.

1: Until one day the Pharaoh himself had a dream.

2: A dream that no one could interpret.

3: Until someone remembered a prisoner who had the gift to interpret dreams.

4: Joseph was brought up.

5: He was told the dream.

3: God gave Joseph the interpretation.

2: Seven years of abundance!

4: Then seven years of extreme famine

1: The pharaoh was so impressed he made Joseph second in command.

5: Joseph was put in charge to prepare and plan for the famine.

4: Seven years of harvest in which food was stocked and stored away.

3: Then the famine began.

2: People from Egypt came to Joseph for help, and he was able to provide.

1: The ripple effects began as other countries felt the effects.

3: Word on the street was that Egypt had food.

5: That word traveled to a very old man with 11 sons.

2: Jacob told his sons to go find food in Egypt so that they may live.

4: Joseph recognizes his brothers, but they do not notice him as he looks like an Egyptian governor.

1: Joseph does not reveal himself to them in order to seek out if they have any remorse for what they thought they did to him.

5: Will they be willing to sell out their next youngest brother, Benjamin? Or will they protect him?

3: Once he realizes that his brothers are still haunted by what they did to Joseph, and that they are willing to protect Benjamin, the time has come.

2: Joseph prepares a meal with his brothers.

4: He can hold it in no longer.


5: Terror struck the hearts of his brothers.

1: Revenge was what they expected. 

4: Revenge is what they deserved. 

2: Mercy is what they received.

3: Joseph was able to see the bigger picture.

5: He knew that what his brothers meant for evil, God was able to use it for good.

1: The intent to murder one brother, lead to the saving of many, many lives.

3: Joseph’s entire family moved to Egypt and prospered there.

2: All of this began with God calling just one man.

4: That one calling initiated generations of people who followed God.

1: It began with Abraham,

2: It continued with Isaac,

3: Even despite Jacob’s schemes and deceptions it continued,

4: And the calling echoed through the 12 sons of Jacob who eventually represented the 12 tribes of Israel.

5: Paul said in his letter to the Romans

3: It is not the natural children who are God’s children, 

4: but it is the children of the promise who are regarded as Abraham’s offspring

5: Did you get that?

1: it is not the natural children who are God’s children, 

2: but it is

3: the children

4: of the promise

5: who are regarded

1: as Abraham’s offspring

2: If you are a follower of Christ

3: Then you are a child of Abraham

4: God promised Abraham:

1: “Look up at the heavens and count the stars - if indeed you can count them.”

2: Then he said to him,

1: “So shall your offspring be.”

5: Abraham believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness.

3: Are you a follower of Christ?

4: Then you are one of those stars in the heavens that represent Abraham’s offspring.

2: When we rest in God’s promises, he will be faithful.

1: Times may be tough,

2: God may be silent for a while,

3: but he has never abandoned you,

4: he has never forsaken you.

5: Each of us has a calling on our life.

3: God has designed you for such a time as this.

1: Are you listening?

3: Are you open to his calling?

5: Are you willing to follow him?

2: Even if you don’t have all the answers?

4: Can you trust Him?

3: Is he big enough to put your faith in?

1: Is it possible to comprehend that the decisions you make now could have ripple effects for generations to come in your own family?

5: Who’s voice are you tuned into?

4: What has your attention?

3: Are you listening?

2: What if God said to you,

All: Follow me!

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