Saturday, February 25, 2012

Staring Down Your Own Mortality

Wow. Very rarely have I ever watched a video that caused me to tear up. Ed Dobson was my pastor when I went to seminary. He was a great pastor. I had the honor to intern at his church for the 3 years I was up in Grand Rapids. It just pains me to see Ed like this. It seems like a cruel "Job-like" joke for his life to slowly end like this. But then again, does anyone ever deserve an end like being afflicted with ALS regardless of their beliefs, or how good or bad of a life they may have lived? The simple fact that going through this, and finding purpose, meaning and a deeper relationship with Christ just simply floors me. I don't know that I could be this strong if this were me or one of my own family going through this. I simply don't know. I deeply respect this man and all he has done with his life. But to find meaning and purpose in this final stage of life puts him on a level that is beyond extraordinary. I hope his message can bring hope to many who are suffering and going through difficult times. I am sure there will be stages of my life yet where I will refer back to the final lessons that Ed delivered to his national audience through these videos.

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