Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Santorum's Attack on Higher Education and College Students Abandoning Their Faith

Tim King wrote a brilliant article HERE on the CNN Belief Blog on Santorum's comments on how college students are walking away from their faith due to their experiences at "liberal" colleges.
King states that:

The years young adults spend in college aren’t causing them to leave their faith; those college years are exposing the problems with the faith they grew up with. The exodus has little to do with liberal college professors . . . . Rather, the exodus is about hypocrisy.

 There are those in the faith community who like to point fingers at other people with the failure of their own kids, but the reality is that the church need to stop and take a hard look at itself.  Villainizing education is not a good thing to do, especially when you consider what the Bible says about gaining wisdom and pursuing wisdom at all costs.

 There are many reasons why college-age young adults are leaving the church and to lay all of that blame on the esoteric "liberal college professor" is a lame cop-out.  I left the church for a while for a myriad of reasons.  I could lay it all on my church experience, pointing at hypocrisy and judgmental attitudes (the 80's were just a weird time for evangelicalism).  I could point to my college experience and blame that I suppose.  But the reality is that my own sin and temptation caused me to walk away from my faith for a time.

 The beautiful thing is that I worship a God who still pursued me and loved me even during those dark times.  He never walked away from me or gave up on me.  I am grateful that my God is greater than those hypocrites and finger-pointing people in the church as well as all my "liberal" (and conservative) college professors.  And I personally loved my broad education from the conservative Christian Sociology Professor to my Radical Feminist English Professor to my Liberal "Conspiracy-Theorist" History Professor, to my "Yoda Master" Seminary Professor!  They were all great.  The ones I never liked were the ones whom I felt were trying to indoctrinate me instead of helping me to think for myself.  And, if truth be told, there were a lot of those at the more conservative schools I went to rather than the liberal ones.  A LOT MORE!

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