Friday, March 02, 2012

Killing babies is the same as abortion?

Consider just the title alone of this article: Killing babies no different from abortion. Now click on it and read it. This is messed up. It is scary in a Nazi-Dr. Frankenstein sort of way. But when you consider their logic, are they not just being consistent? They could have taken this one step further and considered the other end of life and declared all elderly people who have stopped contributing to society and have become a burden to their family and the health care industry as potential candidates for termination of life. I know that abortion is a touchy subject with many people. For many years now, I have often wondered if we would ever, in my life time, become a society where the logic of abortion would expand to all 3 trimesters of pregnancy, and then to infants and eventually to the elderly. All life is a gift from God and should be held as precious and worthy of living the fullest life possible. The question we must ask ourselves is why would anyone want to end the life of an infant (or a fetus or elderly person)? Whether it is a lack of care, finances, stress, or whatever it may be, my hope is that the church can be a source of blessing to all in their time of need. We need to be careful to not just attack ideas (or the present reality of abortion) without providing reasonable, loving responses to help deter those who see this as their only option. A loving and compassionate alternative I believe will help many of those who see no way out of a desperate situation that could lead to the termination of a life dependent on others for its existence. Let's hope that we will never see the day where this concept of terminating infants or the elderly ever becomes reality in our society. This concept of post-pregnancy termination and the word "ethics" make it more of an oxymoron if anything.

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