Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stories from Confirmation #2

Another quick story here.  Our Confirmation class has 3 overnights that they attend throughout the course of the year.  But during the year we meet on Wednesday nights for our weekly class. Our first class deals with our Jewish heritage as I do a quick survey of the Hebrew Scriptures (the Old Testament).  As we go through the historical time line I hit on some of the key stories throughout the OT.  As I was telling the story of David and Goliath, I explained how David was just a shepherd boy and Goliath was a trained warrior who was considered a giant because of his size.  I was interrupted by one of the 7th grade boys who corrected me by saying, "Goliath was not a warrior, he was a giant pickle."  Well, this got a huge laugh from the class along with the adults in the room.  Now if you know anything about Junior High boys, if one of them got a good laugh out of the whole class then we must beat that joke to death!  So when the Shadrach, Meshack and Abendigo story came up, a chocolate bunny joke had to be thrown out.  Daniel and the Lion's Den was met with an explanation that the reason the lions did not eat David was because they were not vegetarians.  

Thank you Phil Vischer for making my historical talks recall all the Veggie Tale stories that my class grew up on.  I am thinking that maybe next year I should just go with an all-Veggie Tale curriculum for Confirmation!  In all seriousness though it is awesome that these teens remember these short stories from the creative mind of Phil Vischer.  Veggie Tales really raised the bar of quality for Christian videos.  In a wasteland of cheesiness, Veggie Tales have stood out as a great product.  And especially when the stories would make an occasional nod to Monty Python humor I knew I would be a big fan of Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato!

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