Friday, February 19, 2010

The Snow-cinnati Winter of 2010

It has been quite the winter here in the Cincinnati area.  I have always said that if we have to do Winter then lets get a couple of feet of snow and have some fun with it instead of a cold, drizzly gray Winter which causes everyone to just stay inside. Well apparently Mr. Freeze Miser heard me!  We have been buried in snow over the past couple of weeks.  Many snow days have ensued.  I decided to revive one of my favorite things to do with snow since my Erie, PA days.  We never have gotten enough snow in Southern Ohio to do this until now! So as I shoveled out the drive way it was time to make an igloo with all this stuff.  At first I approached it the way I have in the past.  Make a giant pile, let it settle and then dig out the insides.  But Ben gave me a great idea.  He casually said to me it would be cool if we could make bricks. That sat on my mind for a night.  Then as I went out to shovel again I noticed my garbage cans and recycle container sitting on the curb empty.  (Which, I refuse to bring these back up to the house because this is the responsibility of the kids when they get off of the bus on Mondays.  If they forget, I barge into the house and shut down all entertainment devices until the job is complete.) As I thought about what Ben said, the Recycle Container was calling out to me.  It was the perfect size to make nice big bricks of snow.  So I tried one and it worked perfectly!  So we made the base and keeps adding layers.  Eventually it got tall enough that I needed a ladder to get the final layers added to the top.  I could not curve the top to make it a perfect snow fort.  So I grabed a tarp from the garage and draped it over.  It quite literally turned into the best snow fort the Russ family has ever made!  It topped anything ever even in the arctic tundra of Erie, PA.  Plus this will be the igloo that Ben will remember growing up!   

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Jodi T. said...

Congratulations! Well done :)