Friday, July 24, 2009

Junior High WV Trip 2008: Day 1: We Made It!

We got here! Everyone is safe. During our trip I was constantly reminded that this was a Junior High trip as farts and other bodily functions were a prime topic of conversation. Logan won the quote of the day by saying "When my tum-tum hurts, my bum-bum squirts." Many people were blamed for farting throughout the trip until we realized it was Southern Ohio that farted.

Once we got here we got into our rooms, ate dinner, went through orientation and our evening session.

We will be helping a lady who is going through chemo treatments for cancer and needs a lot of help for her house. Please pray for her that we can be a help and that our teens connect with her throughout the week.

Our dorms are not air-conditioned but the rest of the campus is nice and cool so there is some relief. We went and got some cheap box fans for each room. It cools off nice in the evenings down here.

The scenery is beautiful as we drove over to here. Most of the trip we were right along the Ohio River until we crossed over into West Virginia.

We are off to a good start!

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