Friday, July 24, 2009

Junior High WV Trip 2008: Observation Day 2 and 3

As you can tell from many of the pictures the teens are doing an amazing job. We have been assigned a home that needs a lot of attention. Our teens are working on such things as: stripping and staining a deck, deck repairs, painting, flooring, gutter cleaning, moving lots of stuff, power cleaning, playing with the kids and pets, spending time with the mom, and many other things. It is truly amazing how much work has been done in just two days. Pray that we get some really nice weather tomorrow so that we can complete some of the jobs that we have started outside.

The evening sessions have been great. The themes so far have been Story, Love and Justice. On the first night we learned about the importance of our story connecting with God's story. On the second night we focused on the extreme love that God has for us. And on tonight we talked about the importance of justice and asking the deeper questions of why things are the way they are. The session have been great and our teens have responded well!

Quote of the day (Day #2):
Kid from other youth group: Those eyes, she just has amazing eyes!
Scott: Who are you talking about?
Kid: Cassie!
Scott: Come here kid. We gotta talk.

Near death at Walmart: Our teens entered into Walmart singing a song they made up about Walmart. As they passed by the greeter she made the comment "Teens these days have too much time on their hands!" Shelia overheard this and almost killed her on the spot. She went to the manager to let her know what exactly OUR teens were doing in their community and how they were treated as they walked into the local Walmart which we have been frequenting quite a bit since we got here! Shelia Stebbins wins the "Social Justice in Action" Award for the trip so far! Way to stick up for the teens and to stick it to the man in the name of JUSTICE!

Quote of the day: (Day #3): Hey Sheila, you're lactating!

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