Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day Thoughts

The Pain of Motherhood

1. The Pain of Child Birth: Luke 2:4-7

Mary went through a tremendous amount of physical pain to bring Jesus into this world. All mother's go through physical pain to bring their child into this world. ALthough we have no memory of this time, it is good to reflect on what our mom's went through to carry us through their pregnancy and birth us. For all the times we take our parents for granted, this is a thought that should sit with us during Mother's Day so that we can appreciate what she went through for our sake.

- What did your mother go through to bring you into the world?
- Where there any stories from your birth that made it unique, memorable, special or extraordinary?

2. The Pain of Separation: Matthew 12:46-50
In looking for her son for whatever reason, Jesus made her quest for him into a lesson about the fact that his real family is the family of God. Now Jesus is speaking truth here but I can't help to think of the pain that his remarks might have caused his mother. It was a bold, public statement about the sepreation of a child from his parents as a fully functional inter-dependant adult who has integrated himself into society, in this case, the spiritual body of beleivers. As we grow more independant we must remember that it is our parents who are the primary one's who helped us get to that point, and although they want the best for us, there is still pain in sepreation as we grow through each stage of live, become more and more independant and eventually move away.

- Has your mom ever expressed any sad feelings of you growing up
through stages of life?

- Are you Juniors and Seniors experiencing your parents “pulling-back” on
you to spend time with you because they know you will be moving
out soon?

3. The Pain in Suffering: John 19:26-27

As Jesus was dieing on the cross many of his followers scattered but his mother stood at his feet and absorbed his pain as only a mother can do for her child. Jesus, amazingly through all his pain and suffering, had enough strength to make sure his mother would be taken care of after his death. On Mother's Day I think it is important for us to appreciate all of the times our mother's were there when we went through an emotional or physical pain where in our agony, she was there to empathize, care and love us back to health.

- When was your mom there for you when you were hurt emotionally?
- When was your mom there for you when you were hurt physically?

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