Monday, May 26, 2008

Boomers Beware!

Throughout my college experience and 20's I developed an intense dislike toward the Boomer generation. The way I saw it then was that they were responsible for aborting a third of my generation for their own selfish purposes. Of course now I understand that this is a massive oversimplification of a generation of people as well as the topic of abortion! As I have worked in churches for almost 2 decades now, I have to continually remind myself that we are a multi-generational body that needs to resist the cultural urge to separate the generations and develop hostilities between them. But this book, in a very comical way, brought back all of my Gen-X angst and bitterness. The boomers have now all retired and are killing the Social Security system as all of the debt for their comfort gets passed down to the younger generations. It is up to Casandra Devine to find a solution by creating Voluntary Transitioning a.k.a. euthanasia. This is a brilliant novel that in my opinion very well could be possibly prophetic. It may take about a decade or so to find out, but let's hope that through this comic portrayal of a possible future, we will heed its warning! Christopher Buckley's book ought to inspire us to rise up and fix our government or find alternative ways in which we do not buy into their system and therefore become victimized by its own ineptness. Something is going to have to give before the debt that our government has incurred, through Social Security and the wars that we are in, finally builds up and falls on a generation of people who most likely had nothing to do with creating this mess but are expected to somehow pay for it all! If this lands on my children's or grandchildren's lap I will personally join them when they go off to storm the gated communities and golf courses full of retirees!

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The funniest thing about the boomers is their complete obliviousness to how badly they have f'ed up American culture.