Monday, January 13, 2014

Sticky Faith #4

In the 4th chapter the focus was on sticky faith conversations.  A typical family does not have faith conversations.  So the issue becomes how do we make this a natural part of our conversations without it being awkward.  The first thing is to make sure our actions back up our words or we may do more damage than help.  The next thing is to make sure that when we engage in faith conversation we ask questions with the intent to dialogue rather than lecture.  If we are attentive to the Holy Spirit, there are always opportunities to engage in meaningful faith conversations.  I know that in the context of youth group, this is a vital part of our small group program.  The success of a small group will depend on initiating faith conversations.

Favorite Quotes

p. 72 - . . . students who feel the freedom and have opportunities to express their doubts tend to have more Sticky Faith.

p. 74 - Sticky Faith students often report that while their parents offered opinions, they ultimately gave the students some latitude to arrive at their own conclusions.

p. 77 - . . . you'll interact better with your son or daughter - whatever their mood or attitude - when you learn to listen and ask questions instead of lecture.

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