Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ruff Notes on Chicago Trip: Blogs are coming

Okay, it has been busy and I just have gotten behind on the blogs. I know! But I have been taking notes, of which, I will be sure to eventually flesh out into stories. So for those parents who are texting and emailing me about how all their kids are doing I will at least give you the notes for now. Check back later and I hope to get this updated more soon.

WARNING!!!: ALSO DO NOT CALL YOUR TEEN WHEN I PUT THEM TO BED AND PROCEED TO TELL THEM THEY ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A TORNADO WARNING!!! You do that again and you will have your house TP'ed by me. I promise. There were no warnings. Only a watch. Even in a real tornado we would have been just fine where we were at and we were keeping our eye on the weather. I have personally been through tornadoes and I know what to do. Panicked junior high girls make it all the worse to maintain control! A pile of girls freaked out and in my room was NOT what needed to happen which was caused by texts from parents at home!  I will ban cell phones next time if you stir this pot of prepubescent energy after lights out! And I will tell them it's their parents fault, not theirs!  Cut your kid off for the week and enjoy the peace and quiet! For real!

My rant is over now. Deep breath . . . . proceed . . . 

Ruff draft of the week so far:

July 24 
Up and off to church
Junior High Class: prayers for our trip and help with sorting out tools!
Getting ready to leave for Chicago
Much better bladder control than the Senior Highers!
Arrive at North Park University(Evangelical Covenant Church Affiliation)
Meet our Host leaders: Lauren and Rachel
Split up our team into two groups
Dinner at a Colombian restaurant: nonstop family style dishes
Prayer tour all throughout Chicago: learned about economic contrasts and impact of racism

July 25
Bingo with the elderly: anger, tension, the will of a bingo ninja warrior, and the fight scene!
Nile apparently reading to a group of kids!
Prayer walk
Dinner at Thai restaurant
First Showers
Arrival of Doug and Hannah
Slip out to McDonalds with kids for last night snack
Lights out

July 26
YMCA’s in the morning: kids having fun on a water slide

Team #1: Ethnic Plunge in Albany Park

Team #2: Uptown Prayer Walk
Serve Dinner at Cornerstone Community Outreach
Dinner at Vietnam Restaurant
The gun shots

Team #1: Serve Dinner at Ravenswood Community Services
Dinner at Mediterranean Restaurant
Head injury
Max reading the scripture to the boys for tomorrow
The joy of seeing ministry reproduction in our kids
Lights out

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