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My Insane Movie List from 2007

Several years ago I got the idea that I didn't read many books, so I decided to make a list of what I read. Making lists seemed kind of fun so I began doing it with other things I did with my life! Yes, I know, the OCD started taking over. So here my first official list of 2007! This includes the movies that I have seen over the past year. But let me start out by saying a few things:

First, I have a young family so sometimes I am subjected to films that sometimes are hard for me to watch.

Secondly, I am a youth pastor so sometimes I watch films that are highly influential with my students that I would not normally watch. Ferris Bueller and The Breakfast Club was my generation.

Thirdly, I am married to a wonderful wife who has very different tastes in movies than I do! So in order to maintain a healthy marriage, I subject myself to certain films that I would not normally pick. but reply with, "Sure dear, why not!"

And then fourthly, I grew up in the 80's so there is a small part of my depraved self that still likes the cheesy horror genre! I know, time to grow up, but I shan't!

And finally, I was a film major before I believed God was calling me into ministry. So I take a particular interest in this area of the cinematic arts and entertainment.

I will also provide quick, cheap commentary on each film!

Color Code:

  • Television
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Children's
  • Western
  • Documentary
  • Action / Adventure
  • Science Fiction
  • Historical
  • Drama

24: Season 5 - Love Jack Bauer but the storyline is getting a little far fetched.
The Decent - Cheesy, don't bother.
Jackass 2 - We live in a culture where abuse in becoming more and more frequent. I find it rather
interesting that now we make comedy out of self-abuse. There are funny moments, but it is mostly self-abuse for laughs. Scary.
Invincible - An awesome football movie! I love sports movies and this is a great one.
Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest - What was that? Pails in comparison to the first one.

Superman Returns - Excellent! A great reinvention of a classic superhero. Great villain too!
RV - Cheesy family humor.
The Pursuit of Happyness - Excellent must-see for everyone. A great story over overcoming unbelievable obstacles.
24: Season 6 - Does Jack Bauer ever take a moment to use the restroom or get a bite to eat?
Snakes on a Plane - Very cheesy CGI snake effects. But any movie with Samuel L. Jackson losing his temper is great entertainment.
An Inconvenient Truth - Oh boy, what do I say here? It is an important movie that everyone must see. But I think we need to wrestle with the message, hearing from both sides on this issue and try coming to some logical decisions that we can do to be better caretakers of the earth.
Nanny McPhee - A nice movie to watch with your kids.
V for Vendetta - Worthless.
Barnyard - Good kid movie.
United 93 - A very difficult movie to watch but absolutely necessary for every American to watch. Very powerful and very moving.
World Trade Center - Same as above. We must never forget that day.
One Night With the King - An interesting retelling of the story of Esther from the Bible. I thought they missed out on some of the best parts of the story at the end.
The Illusionist - Pretty good story line. Worth watching with a date!
Flushed Away - Absolutely hilarious kid movie. Definitely something I would watch again.
The Departed - Excellent, superb, Martin Scorsese at his best! What a cast too. The tension in the good guy having to be bad and the bad guy having to be good was done so well.
300 - Visually fun to watch. Good action flick.
Night at the Museum - Extremely funny film for the whole family. Ben Stiller is great!
Borat - Oh my, very funny but over the top in some parts. I am still trying to use my mind erasure to delete some of the scenes from my mind.
Casino Royale - I had my doubts but Bond is back and with attitude. Bring it on Daniel Craig!
Children of Men - A pretty dark futuristic film about the future of the human race.
Blood Diamonds - Another phenomenal movie that I would highly recommend. Powerful. Intense.
Gremlins - Classic 80's Spielberg.
Deliver Us From Evil - The scariest film of the year. Shocking, gut-wrenching, horrifying. Everyone who is involved in any type of ministry to children or teens must see this film.
Rocky Balboa - Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this. Stallone thought this one out a whole lot better than the previous ones. Rocky aged with grace and dignity. Let's see if he can do the same with Rambo!
The Ghost Rider - Lame.
Deja Vu - I will watch any movie with Denzel Washington. This was an average "what if you could time travel and change something" film.
Flags of Our Fathers - Very powerful film contrasting the reality of war with the American media spin. A must see.
Meet the Robinsons - I honestly don't remember much about this movie. Took the kids, must have fell a sleep at the theatre.
The 40 Year Old Virgin - At first glance, I thought this was going to be a not-so-good film but I was pleasantly surprised. Steve Carrell is fast becoming my most favorite comedian. He is hysterical and the movie does justice to those who respect sexuality and wait for the right time versus those who treat it with no respect at all, and you see the consequences of those decisions at the end.
A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints - Depressing, could have been so much better.
Apocalypto - WOW. A very captivating story. Amazing on several levels. Very graphic in depicting the pagan rituals of the Aztecs. Not for the weak of heart.
Saw 3 - Worthless. Similar to the sequels of the 80's slashers. Each one getting more ludicrous than the last.
Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny - I like Jack Black but this didn't do it for me. Give me Nacho Libre back.
Phone Booth - I was bored and it happened to be on TV. I was hoping to see more of Keifer Sutherland and less of Colin Ferrell. In fact, I wanted Jack Bauer to shoot Colin Farrell half way into it.
Transformers - A very cool, very fun movie to watch with your pre-teen son. I thought the cartoons were cheesy but leave it up to the CGI masterminds to make this a tasty delight of visual eye candy.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - This was probably my least favorite book so I went into the movie with low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised. It was excellent. Harry Potter ROCKS! The final two are going to be mind-blowing.
Shooter - Cheesy, worthless tripe. Like "who cut the cheese" bad.
Rocky 3 - Of all the Rocky movies I never saw this one from beginning to end until just now. Anything with Hulk Hogan and Mr. T kicks butt! It could only have gotten better if Chuck Norris was in it. Plus, it would have helped to balance out with Rocky's effeminate side in this movie.

Spiderman 3 - Slipping from the quality of the first two. It was okay. Too many villains. Stick with one and really develop that character.
Idiocracy - This movie could have been put together a little bit better but the director was brilliant in his social commentary as to where the culture could potentially be heading in the near future! A must see comedy for anyone who is involved in pop culture.
Live Free or Die Hard - Good hare core action with lovable John McClain. Good villain. Good side-kick. Tight action. A little comic-booky but worth watching.
Evan Almighty - I know this got a lot of bad press but I really liked it. Steve Carrell made me laugh out loud on several occasions. And it was a great retelling of the Noah story.
Blades of Glory - Not Will Farrell's finest.
Stranger Than Fiction - This is definitely one of Will Farrell's finest. A great movie, a must see.
The Last King Of Scotland - A very powerful movie about Idi Amin. Hard movie to watch but Forrest Whitaker is just amazing in his portrayal of the brutal dictator.
1408 - A fun suspense film with John Cusack. I grew up on John Cusack films so I had to watch it.
The Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer - CHEESY! A full brick of Colby.
Eragon - Okay.
28 Weeks Later - Very gory zombie film. Lots of blood and mayhem. Not for the weak.
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon - Unless you grew up on 80's slasher films, don't bother.
The Reaping - Would have been okay if it weren't for the "Rosemary's Baby" type ending.
Fracture - Can't go wrong with Anthony Hopkins. Good suspense thriller.
Lost: Season 1 - Based on a recommendation from my brother-in-law my end-of-the-year addiction begins.
Lost: Season 2 - Give me another hit man.
The Proposition - A pretty hard core Western that I would not recommend. Stick with Clint Eastwood.
Alvin and the Chipmunks - I hated the cartoon and suffered through the movie. I love my kids, I love my kids . . .
National Treasure: Book of Secrets - CHEESY! Very Sharp Cheedar.

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