Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wa boo-hoo!

  • Game 1: Dang, it's over.
  • Game 2: Oh, maybe I gave up to quick.
  • Game 3: yesssssss!
  • Game 4: YES!
  • Game 5: That's alright. We got 2 more chances.
  • Game 6: Damn.
  • Game 7: Noooooooooooooooooooo! You have got to be kidding me! Hey Ortiz, stop pointing up to the sky! Believe me, God is just as disappointed as I am. Cleveland is God's team! And Manny, you didn't even care whether you won or lost! At least Lofton had the dignity to come back to the team he loved!

The greatest achievement of the whole season: Sending the New York Yankees back home!

Stupidest thing I saw: LaBron James wearing a Yankees hat! Hey punk, remember where your paycheck is coming from. Being a Yankees fan in Cleveland is one thing you LEAVE IN THE CLOSET!

And as we Cleveland fans always say year after year: Maybe next year!



Megan said...

I was so ticked at the Indians! They totally choked and I just thought, big surprise! Cleveland always chokes! My parents were at game 5 in the loge! How jealous was I, but that was when the losing started and it was good I wasn't there. I have a blog too, How's Shelly? Is she in blogger world too?

Chris said...

That statement "Maybe next year!" belongs to us Cub fans and to us Cub fans alone.

Enjoying your blog. Thanks.

Fitz said...

How dare you say, "we Cleveland fans"! You are not a real Cleveland fan, and you know it. Stop being a bandwagoner and pick a team...

Scooter 4.0 said...

HEY FITZ! I told you Cleveland is my #1 team! I just like the NFL in general, except for Baltimore and Pittsburg. I am inclusive and Post-modern, you are EXCLUSIVIST and INTOLERANT. Stop holding on to the crumbling foundations of modernistic sports thinking and embrace the future of neo-NFL philosophy.