Saturday, July 21, 2012

Washington DC Trip #1

Well, it is almost time for our next and final great adventure for the Summer.  The Senior Highers are taking off to Washington DC to do a mission trip with the Center for Student Missions.  We have worked with this organization on other trips (New York, Chicago and Nashville).  They always have done a great job organizing mission trips and giving all of the teens a great experience.  I am excited because I have never been to Washington DC before.  And on top of that, we have a really, really great team of teens and adults going.  I have high expectations that they will all have a phenomenal time together.

So, some things to pray about:

1.  Safe travels.  Long distances are never fun.  I wish teleportation was invented by now but it is not.  At least, not yet!

2.  Spiritual experiences.  Pray that the teens deepen their faith and enrich their relationship with Christ through everything we do.

3.  Bonding.  Pray that all of the team deepens in their relationships with each other.  

4.  Processing.  As always, I want them to apply all that they learn to their regular life: home, school, youth group.  Pray that this trip will impact those areas so that this next school year will be even better as the youth group and their families continues to help shape them spiritually!

5.  Sharpness!  Pray that I and my leaders stay mentally and spiritually sharp all throughout this trip.  Already Doug Ransom has been great with helping to make sure we are remembering everything we need before we go! 

6.  Weather.  Pray that we have good weather.  I know it is inevitable that it will be hot.  It is the end of July.  I just hope it is not horribly hot and muggy!  But even if it is, that God gives us strength and patience to accomplish all we need to do!


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