Monday, June 06, 2011

The American Patriot Bible?!?!

I have found this Bible to be disturbing on many levels. To study Christianity and it's impact on American history is one thing. To wed nationalism with the Bible is another. But of course we are coming up on the 4th of July so we will see a lot of idolatry of our nation wrapped in Christian language shoveled out to sell to the masses at our local Christian bookstores.

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Mark said...

I agree with you on this one. I sometimes walk into a Christian bookstore and see all the flags and patriotic stuff...and it bothers me a bit. There's nothing wrong with being patriotic, but it's such a short step from THAT to suddenly thinking that Jesus only likes Americans, (and probably just Republican Americans at that).

It sort of reminds me of a college freshmen trying so desperately to fit in that they'll try ANYTHING.

The Bible shouldn't need to be 'fixed' up like this in order to appeal to people.

I'm pretty certain that Jesus wasn't an American citizen.