Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Scariest Movie EVER!

It is definitely getting closer to one of my most favorite holidays. Yes, I am one of those sick, twisted Christians who actually looks forward to Halloween. I still have a secret fantasy of transforming into a werewolf someday. A kind and gentle werewolf though; not an evil one. One that viciously kills the raccoons that try to break into my trash can and unearths the vile moles that dig up my lawn and administers a crushing death before eating them. During this time of year all of the classic scary movies come out from the vaults and some new and creative horror films come out on the big screens. But in all seriousness I wanted to bring attention to what I consider the scariest movie that I have ever seen. It is a documentary entitled "Deliver Us From Evil". It is the very true story of Father Oliver O'Grady and the hundreds of children that he victimized under the roof of the church. The reason that this movie is so shocking is that this is a REAL MONSTER who has preyed on hundreds of children. This movie is in a category all unto itself. When I think of Halloween films I usually think of scary movies that are fun to watch. This movie was sickening. Especially when you see the pain that his victims are currently suffering through, how the church covered up his behavior, and how O'Grady is living out his elderly years. The only think that gives me any comfort is knowing that he will have to face God soon, and for this man, there will certainly be hell to pay. Now I do not want to make a blanket statement against the Catholic church although those who were directly involved in the oversight of O'Grady should be held accountable (which apparently includes the current pope!). In every church I have worked in (except the one I am in currently) there has been an adult who has taken advantage of one of the teens directly in my ministry and in both cases they have been dismissed from their job and the proper authorities were immediately involved. How can we in the church do no less. Make sure your teens and children are protected from any predators out there, and do not be naive to think that they are not in your community. I live in one of the most affluent communities in Ohio. I had a local police man host a parent seminar in which he went into a chat room posing as an underage girl. I sat in my youth room completely shocked, horrified and sickened by the amount of hits this fictional girl was receiving from perverts. And in a few of the cases the conversation went to the gutter very quickly. It was numbing. Never forget, you are the shepherd that God has called to look after his sheep. Do your duty and protect your children and teens by all means possible. And allow this movie to burn an image into your head that will put the fear of God in you so that something like this will never happen on your watch.

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